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Contact Us

Deborah Parker & William Hendershot, Proprietors

3830 Pump Station ~ Cameron Mills, New York 14820

(607) 695-2323

E-mail us at: bill@hendershothaflinger.com

Please welcome our newest “barn supervisor” - Schnookums! Schnookums comes in after a cold hard morning in the barn to warm up in her chair in front of the wood stove.

Welcome to Hendershot New Millennium Haflingers, home to some of the finest Haflinger horses in the world.

We are proud to be members of the following organizations:
- H.O.P.E. (Haflinger Owners Promotional Enterprise)
- AHR (American Haflinger Registry)
- NYSRHA (New York State Registered Haflinger Association)
- KHA (Keystone Haflinger Association)
- ADS (American Driving Society)
- CVCA (Cherry Valley Carriage Association)
- NDS (Northampton Driving Society)

Here's how to find us!

We are located approximately 260 miles northwest from New York City, or about 4 - 1/2 hours; and we are approximately 130 miles from Buffalo, or 2-1/2 hours south east.

20-25 Minutes from Bath, NY

1.   Start out going Southeast on NY-415 towards NY-54 by turning left (.3 miles)
2.   Turn LEFT onto NY-415/NY-54 (.7 miles)
3.   Turn RIGHT onto NY-415 (.9 miles)
4.   Turn SHARP RIGHT onto MORRIS ST (.8 miles)
5.   MORRIS ST becomes CAMERON ST (.2 miles)
6.   CAMERON ST becomes BATH CAMERON RD (11.0 miles)
7.   Turn LEFT onto CANISTEO RIVER RD (1.9 miles)

1 Hour, 45 Minutes from Rochester, NY

1.   Start out going North by turning left (.1 mile)
2.   Turn LEFT (.1 mile)
3.   Turn RIGHT onto JEFFERSON RD/NY-252E (1.0 mile)
4.   Turn RIGHT onto NY-15A/EHENRIETTA RD (.2 miles)
5.   Take the I-390SOUTH ramp towards NEW YORK STATET HWY (.2 miles)
6.   Merge onto I-390S (52.0 miles)
7.   I-390S becomes I-390S/NY-15S (15.9 miles)
8.   I-390S/NY-15S becomes NY-17E (7.5 miles)
9.   Take the exit, exit number 39, towards (RT-415) (.2 miles)
10.   Turn RIGHT onto BABCOCK HOLLOW RD (8.3 miles)
12.   Turn RIGHT onto CANISTEO RIVER RD (1.7 miels)

E-mail or call us for other directions, if needed!

Deborah Parker & Bill Hendershot | 3830 Pump Station Hill Road, Cameron Mills, NY 14820 | (607) 695-2323 | bill@hendershothaflinger.com
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