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Berkshire HNMH

Sire: Nando       Dam: Bastia

***Congratulations are in order to Chuck Hendershot and Berkshire for being Third in the Nation in 2009 for the American Haflinger Registry Driving Division.

Berkshire HNMH, or Baby B and Babe as her barn name, is pictured to the right and left. This filly is owned by Chuck & Ingrid Hendershot. She won under one judge at the 2005 Twin Birch Classic, placed 2nd at the 2005 AHR Nationals, 2nd in In-Hand Trail, and 3rd in the 2005 AHR Futurity. She classified Silver in 2008.

Watch for Chuck and Babe in Pleasure Driving in 2010!

Berkshire's first show:

Chuck Hendershot driving Berkshire at her last 2009 show of the year

Berkshire and Chuck Hendershot at the Silver Shoe Show

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